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Leavening (for local pickup and delivery only)


PLEASE NOTE: Quantities are limited! One sourdough starter and 2 yeast packets maximum per order. Thank you!

Our Sourdough Starter- 1/2 pint. To revive for baking, take one tablespoon starter,  dissolve in 100 g of room temperature filtered water, then mix in 100 g of bread flour. Let sit over night at room temperature. Will be ready to use in the morning. 

Fleischmann's Instant Yeast- 51 g= 6 packets (1 packet  = 2 1/4 tsp). Add instant yeast directly to the dry ingredients (no need to re-hydrate in water). Use very warm liquids (120-130 degrees F). In recipes calling for 2 rises, replace the first rise with a 10 minute rest after kneading, then shape dough and proceed as recipe directs..