Finca Las Nieves

Finca Las Nieves Coffee


Finca Las Nieves is certified by the Smithsonian Institution as “Bird Friendly,” meaning it is grown inside a forest-like canopy of multi-species trees. Located at an elevation of 4,000 feet, Finca Las Nieves is a 1,000-acre coffee farm located in Oaxaca State, Mexico that is completely off the grid — both solar- and hydro-powered.

This coffee is produced and roasted in the cloud forests above Puerto Escondido, then directly shipped to us. This means that you get the freshest, most sustainable coffee available without sacrificing a drop of taste... because, seriously, this stuff is excellent!

Bourbon Lavado- notes of fresh citrus and caramelized sugar

Bourbon Natural- silky, spicy, tropical

Bourbon Honey


CAFÉ ES VIDA ... Forest saving coffee