Christine Hickman

Gnocchi Solo Gnocchi: A Comprehensive Tribute to Italy's Other Favorite First Course


“If you have ever attempted to make gnocchi at home without a seasoned, wise and loving nonna at your elbow, you probably have encountered problems,” Tanis notes in his foreword to this comprehensive book. After more than twenty-five years as an obsessed student of gnocchi-making, caterer and cooking teacher Chrstine HIckman offers this nonna substitute, more than 160 recipes for gnocchi, sauces, and a few basics, such as broth.

In addition to the familiar potato-based gnocchi, Hickman covers local varieties from throughout Italy that are made with bread, cheese, polenta, and vegetables. Among them are canederli from the Dolomite regions; ricotta-based gnocchi, which are among the simplest to make; gnocchi inspired by various restaurants throughout Italy; and even sweet gnocchi, including a fried one for Hanukkah. More than forty pages of sauce recipes amplify the range of possible serving options.